AnimatedGIF Assignment 1780

I found this GIF of what I thought was one of the most amazing sports plays in recent history, as the player literally did a flip over the top of the other player in order to score a touchdown. Pretty amazing in my opinion.

Writing Assignment 1056

Create a life for a tool or household object.

I sit on these counters and stare at these walls day in and day out. So far I have only ventured into two other rooms of the house, but the mother of the household admonished my freedom giving children so harshly for letting me explore the home that I worry I will never leave these premises again. I fill and I empty, yearning to help my owners, yet I often sit empty in the cupboard for days on end while my friends and neighbors get to be the ones who experience the joy of the outside world. The part I miss the most about being used more often is the wonderful bath that comes after use. The warm water and swirling bubbles will always be a fond memory of mine.

Visual Assignment 1971

For this #VisualAssignment I chose to do #VisualAssignment1971 which was to create a game of thrones style house banner. At first I thought I should be serious about this as it could turn out really cool but it wasnt working out too great so I went the silly route instead and created something that I thought was really funny and interesting! Let me know what you think and Id love to see some of your house banners as well!

House Ryan


I felt like this week was a lot of work, but a lot of fun at the same time. To be honest I had to set up a new account for everything except for YouTube, and the only reason I had that was because of having a gmail account already established. Ive never used a flickr or a twitter or a soundcloud so those were all very new experiences for me. Overall I think this course is going to be very interesting and I am excited to find out how the whole secret agent thing is going to come into account over the course of the year. The only problem or question that Ive run across so far is that I feel as though I am unsure if I am doing things correctly. For example I think all of my posts are making it to the main ds106 webpage like they should be, but im not 100% sure about that and it worries me. Also I think that this section is supposed to include links to all of the pages that we have put so far on our blog, yet I noticed that numerous of my classmates did not provide these links in their weekly summaries so im not sure what the deal with that is either. Also I did not know if the soundcloud and the youtube video was supposed to be something that we created or just anything that we wanted? But because of the fact that it states to include the links I am going to embed them below. I had a wonderful first week and I am looking forward to next week!



What do I think about having a secret agent theme? Well to be honest I think its AWESOME. Who doesn’t like a god spy movie or a James bond film? I think that most everyone can get behind the idea of a secret agent theme and I also think its something that can bring us together as a class and give us a common ground to work off of. Im excited!


I think the message from this article is actually really good and very positive if you really read into the advice that is given. I especially liked the idea presented in number 3 which was “share something small every day”. I think this could apply a ton to getting your name out there and it seems so simple because like he states everyone has time you just have to make the time for it. I think this tip will be relatively easy to apply in this course because of how often we will be posting and changing our blogs and social media platforms. Im interested to see if this course helps me get my name out there more than before!