Weekly Summary

Things are coming to a close in my last semester ever as an undergraduate! Sadly that means I have become increasingly busy but I dont mind because it keeps me on my toes. This weeks video assignments seemed to go a lot better than last weeks especially since I got my laptop up and running again. I really like the assignments where we get to share more about ourselves and have it more situated on us and less on random creative things so I tried to stick with those for my assignments. I hope you enjoy!

Another mission??

One of my favorite things to do!

Something that I do every day

Weekly Summary

Man this week was a hectic one! With midterms back to back every day this week and then spring break coming up I barely had the time to eat or sleep but I tried my best to get it all done! Overall I am pumped with the progress that my group has made thus far on our radio show and I am actually super excited to bring my idea of a mystery on the radio to life. The plan is to have me narrate a written mystery and then try to give the audience time to solve the mystery and at the end of our broadcast Ill tell everyone what happened and how things went down. Maybe its a dumb idea but I think it should be cool so we will see how it goes. I found myself having a hard time with some of the audio submissions I made loading and saving correctly but I would assume thats just operator error. Im trying to work my way around to each student and give at least one bit of constructive criticism but I dont want to come off like i know everything (I dont) and finding a balance can be difficult. I included my ds106 radio bumper sticker below, Id put it on my car if I could! Overall another great week in DS106!



A very busy office




Weekly Summary

This week was incredibly difficult for me because of how far behind I managed to get and how hard it was for me to catch back up. I had two huge tests this week in my two hardest classes so spending all of my time focused on studying for them pushed me way behind on schedule and foreced me to be late on some of my assignments. I tried to get all that I could get done before the due date, and I apologize for the delay.


In terms of content the week was interesting and fun. I like the concept of design, I just knew very little about it when the week started so I didnt know what to think. I can truthfully say that I learned a lot about design this week and I am happy to see all of what we learned being put into play in our assignments. I liked the design assignments that we got to chose from and I did some random quotes over pictures and got to mess with things from some of my favorite movies as well. The design blitz assignment was difficult for me because I was trying to be so picky on what picture I took that it was taking me forever and becoming really hard. It took me a while to complete it but I like what I came up with and I think it turned out pretty well. Overall Id say it was a good week, I just need to stop being so darn busy!








Design Blitz

So this was a pretty challenging concept for me to grasp this week, as I found myself having very conflicting ideas about what I should and should not take pictures of and what falls into which design category. I think in the end it came out alright, and maybe it just boils down to my creativity or lack thereof. I tried my best to only take pictures of things that really represented the certain aspects of design that I wanted to capture.

First was the design principle of symbols, and after searching far and wide and getting frustrated I remembered to just go back to the basics and I took a picture of one of the most common symbols that people see on a daily basis.


Next was function, and I wanted to find something that represented an object that performed a very specific and useful function. I picked a thermostat because we all use them and without them our lives would not be nearly as comfortable.


Then I went on to minimalism and how some things can be minimalist even if they arent that small in size. For example the mouse that I picked is minimalist because it has very few buttons and doesnt even have a cord. I thought it fit the category well.


Lastly I wanted to capture color, and I instantly looked for where color was being used as a way to bring peoples attention to the object at hand. My eye was drawn to this, and im sure that is the point.


Weekly Summary

I feel like I got so much done this week! It was honestly fun to mess around with the audio side of technology because although I listen to music fairly often I dont normally mix and make mash ups of my own so this was all new to me. Also Ive never done audio recording or radio recordings of any kind so that was something fresh for me to get involved with. I felt weird talking into a mic on my computer and then playing it back and hearing myself but I got used to it after a little bit of time. Ive gotta say I think I enjoyed the audio recording about the moon landing crash the most out of everything we did this week. The speakers were amazing and the story line was not only entertaining but it was also a possibility so it brought a sense of realism to the scene. I thoroughly enjoyed that and I would recommend the podcast radio show Serial for anyone who wishes to hear more things somewhat similar to that. Im looking forward to the group radio shows, but im also kind of nervous to see how it turns out.

On another note I still feel like sometimes im doing things wrong, and that maybe im just out of the loop on that. Professor Bond if you notice anything that should be changed or done differently in the future please let me know!











Radio Show

So I was thinking about this over the course of the week and I thought it would be awesome to do something along the lines of a dialogue based radio show. Not a talk show, but more of a reporting type of thing. The best example I can think of is the podcast Serial, which originally aired on a radio station. In the episodes they inform the listeners of a specific topic rather than just playing music to them or talking about the news and sports. Its more documentary and reporting based, and thats what I liked about it. I just wonder how we could incorporate this into the class.

Audio Reflection

This was actually really amazing. I have never listened to or heard of this type of dedicated audio storytelling before without the use of pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to hear how great this was. I found it so fascinating how they used the sound effects to sort of show you what is going on while they speak. When they open the hatch and when they kick up the dust on the moon the sound effects really tell a story all on their own. To hear their emotions come into the audio as time goes on was also really entertaining and it helped me to follow behind them almost like I was there myself. If I was stuck on the moon with two hours to live I would not be acting that calm and collected. Overall I was very happy that I experienced this audio story.



Video Still Shots

After reading through this assignment I must admit that I got a little excited, because spy kids is one of my favorite movies and the excuse to watch it again for another blog post was way too good to pass up. I wanted to make sure that I took my time with the movie and really viewed it more critically so I could get a better idea of the types of shots that were taking place. I was having a hard time finding perfect still shots, like where the camera just stopped completely on an object for a moment, so what I tried to do was take still shots of my own where I would pause the film and do my best to try and determine what type of shot it was and what photography techniques were being used. Included below is what I came up with.


Contrast: I felt as though contrast was present in so many places during this film, but to keep things simple I would say that it begins right off the bat with the intro to the movie. At about :41 -1:00 into the movie you see the coastline come into view in stark shadowy contrast to the mountains and ocean surrounding it.

Perspective: This movie is amazing in terms of giving different camera angles and perspective, even though a lot of them are computer generated. One such example that I found to be pretty cool was at about 25:30 in the movie the kids are in a submarine of sorts and traveling underwater. As the camera switches behind them we see and awesome shot of the ocean they are traveling through.

Depth: Pause the movie at exactly 31:34 and you will see an amazing example of depth in a photo. The parents enter a room which projects them into a totally strange land. And as the camera shot goes over their shoulder you can see the enter world expand in front of them. Amazing!

Lighting: As discussed in many of the examples above, lighting is something that is not lacking in many places of this movie. One good example that I found was at 59:47 as they are diving through the cave. This scene functions as both a great perspective and shadow shot while also showing the lighting perfectly as the daylight penetrates the water and shines in through the cave.