So for this tutorial we are going to be looking at ¬†“Hunters: The Space Cowboys Of Destiny” and how we can better mold it to fit the desires of the class as a whole. As a video game nerd when I first saw this post I was happy and excited to find something that was right up my alley, but after reading the description I was a little lost so I thought I would try to create a tutorial to help others with the assignment.


First I think we should look at what this assignment really is. I think this should be considered more of an exploration into another character you have created, and less of an assignment centered on a specific game. So to begin its important to find a character you have created, or create a totally new one. This character can be from a story you wrote or a drawing you made or certainly a video game, anything really. One you have the character in mind you can move on to the next step.


Step two is to flesh out that character for others to learn more about it. Give some background for your character, write about its goals or purpose, get the audience engaged with who they are learning about. Then you want to include some sort of images or dialogue in order to really push this character representation to the next level. Take an in game screenshot of your character or draw up a portrait of what they would look like. Another option would be to record voice acting for your character and really bring them to life.


Overall you want to focus on sharing your character with the class and helping them to come to a realization of what it is you are talking about when you refer to your character. Give it a face and a story and the  people reading will have a much better understanding of what it is they are dealing with.

Holiday Mashup

When I read this title something immediately came to my mind that I thought fit this perfectly. Now I may not have technically created this myself, but I truly can not think of a better example of a holiday mashup than that of the nightmare before Christmas and jack skellington. This is the perfect example of a mix between Halloween and Christmas and Ive been a big fan for quite a while!

Photo Mash

I thought this assignment would be an awesome one to do because there is so much room for creativity and some of the things you come up with can be hilarious. You can basically do whatever you want and the product of it is something awesome, like a spock rock.