Something that I do every day

I actually thought this one would be funny to do because no joke 80% of my life is spent doing exactly what you see me doing in the video. I am on my computer so often its not even funny. From playing video games to classwork to paid work you can almost always find me on my computer clicking and typing away so I figured it would be a good thing for me to showcase!

One of my favorite things to do!

For this video assignment I wanted to try and capture myself doing something that I absolutely love to do which is reading. Its funny because when I was younger I hated it and I never used to do it and now I do it all the time and I have grown very fond of reading in my free time. I hope some of my other fellow agents like to ready as well!

Morse Code Video Assignment



So for this 5 star video assignment I wanted to try something different. Everyone thinks about the sound of Morse code, not the actual dots and dashes, so I wanted to play with that idea to change my video. The way I decided to do it was to use drawn cards with the dot and the dash in order to spell out what im trying to say. Hope you enjoy!