Best of DS106


The first thing that I came across that I personally think turned out really well was this daily create challenge to take a picture and post it and then post the edited version right beside it so we could see the differences. I think this photo that I included accomplishes this wonderfully because it brightens the colors and changes the look and even goes as far as to make the wall look different.


This assignment stood out to me because it added a robot voice to spam comments and this is exactly what I would picture the spam robots to sound like! If I was to have to make a movie where there are robots destroying the world through spam they would have this type of voice and sound just like this.


The last assignment which I wanted to show case was this audio “advertisement” if you will for UMW. I thought it was funny and not too serious while also actually giving some really good information about the school and what its like. Because of this I thought it would be a great thing to showcase.

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