Design Blitz

So this was a pretty challenging concept for me to grasp this week, as I found myself having very conflicting ideas about what I should and should not take pictures of and what falls into which design category. I think in the end it came out alright, and maybe it just boils down to my creativity or lack thereof. I tried my best to only take pictures of things that really represented the certain aspects of design that I wanted to capture.

First was the design principle of symbols, and after searching far and wide and getting frustrated I remembered to just go back to the basics and I took a picture of one of the most common symbols that people see on a daily basis.

Next was function, and I wanted to find something that represented an object that performed a very specific and useful function. I picked a thermostat because we all use them and without them our lives would not be nearly as comfortable.

Then I went on to minimalism and how some things can be minimalist even if they arent that small in size. For example the mouse that I picked is minimalist because it has very few buttons and doesnt even have a cord. I thought it fit the category well.

Lastly I wanted to capture color, and I instantly looked for where color was being used as a way to bring peoples attention to the object at hand. My eye was drawn to this, and im sure that is the point.

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