Final Mission Weekly Summary

I knew this week was going to be a rough one for me due to finals and wrapping up the semester so I decided to get a jump on this weeks work ASAP. I really had fun with this project, and the freedom of it made it one of the most enjoyable ones all semester. I got to just let my creativity wander in all different directions and I loved it. I mixed in written assignments, mashups, visual  elements, and audio along with others in order to capture all that I wanted to bring to the table this week. I created a story based around the ties that the Russians and Canadians have with each other, and once I got on the topic of oranges I just went crazy with it and almost included oranges in everything. I even made a map all about orange farms in Russia! I wanted to make sure that this project would be something that I was proud of and since I am still not totally comfortable with the video assignments and video editing in general I decided not to include any of that in the project and I went with different avenues instead. I really enjoyed this project and I am glad that it turned out the way it did. I am looking forward to wrapping up my semester and enjoying my summer!

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