How it all began

For this assignment I wanted to take the opportunity to tell the story of the beginning of the Suicide Squad. If you all have not yet seen this movie, go watch it. Is it a masterpiece? No. Is it worth a watch? Absolutely. Anyway, the Suicide Squad is a group of criminals and super villains who are forced to ban together and fight for the good guys when an evil woman hatches a plan to either use them for good deeds or kill them. This woman implants the villains with a detonator in their neck so that if they ever try to run or disobey her she can kill them (at least this is how it goes in the movie, slightly different in the comic book). These villains are forced to team up and take on different missions which is what the comics and movie are focused on. They were all in an extreme maximum security prison when they were banded together, and they were all lied to and told they would be released early if they followed the rules, so its interesting to see how the formation of this group happened on such a similar basis even though they were kept away from each other until they started doing missions together.

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