Radio Show Progress

Things have been very hectic and busy this week, but our group somehow still managed to pull out some good ideas! We first had to come up with our group which didnt seem to be too hard for us although i did notice a lot of other groups struggling with it. We put our names together and solidified a group and I must say it seems like its going to be a really good and successful one. The worst road block that we ran into was trying to find a time in which we could all meet which was very difficult due to midterms this week and conflicting schedules. A few of our group members were able to meet though and decided that we are going to break up the radio show into sections where each one of us will get our own chunk of time to be unique and do as we please. I am very happy with this because I have big plans for what I plan on doing with my section. Im excited and ready to go!

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