Weekly Summary

This week was incredibly difficult for me because of how far behind I managed to get and how hard it was for me to catch back up. I had two huge tests this week in my two hardest classes so spending all of my time focused on studying for them pushed me way behind on schedule and foreced me to be late on some of my assignments. I tried to get all that I could get done before the due date, and I apologize for the delay.


In terms of content the week was interesting and fun. I like the concept of design, I just knew very little about it when the week started so I didnt know what to think. I can truthfully say that I learned a lot about design this week and I am happy to see all of what we learned being put into play in our assignments. I liked the design assignments that we got to chose from and I did some random quotes over pictures and got to mess with things from some of my favorite movies as well. The design blitz assignment was difficult for me because I was trying to be so picky on what picture I took that it was taking me forever and becoming really hard. It took me a while to complete it but I like what I came up with and I think it turned out pretty well. Overall Id say it was a good week, I just need to stop being so darn busy!








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