Weekly Summary

Man this week was a hectic one! With midterms back to back every day this week and then spring break coming up I barely had the time to eat or sleep but I tried my best to get it all done! Overall I am pumped with the progress that my group has made thus far on our radio show and I am actually super excited to bring my idea of a mystery on the radio to life. The plan is to have me narrate a written mystery and then try to give the audience time to solve the mystery and at the end of our broadcast Ill tell everyone what happened and how things went down. Maybe its a dumb idea but I think it should be cool so we will see how it goes. I found myself having a hard time with some of the audio submissions I made loading and saving correctly but I would assume thats just operator error. Im trying to work my way around to each student and give at least one bit of constructive criticism but I dont want to come off like i know everything (I dont) and finding a balance can be difficult. I included my ds106 radio bumper sticker below, Id put it on my car if I could! Overall another great week in DS106!



A very busy office




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