Weekly Summary

Another one bites the dust! I can not pretend that I am dreading being done with school, I look forward to it more and more every day. With that being said this week was actually one of the more enjoyable weeks for me in ds106, maybe even the best thus far! I loved, and I mean loved, the web page remix assignment. I think its amazing that you can alter webpages like that and I also loved the coding aspect of it due to me being a computer science type of guy. The daily create story was a little hard for me to figure out at first but I think I got that one flowing alright and I also liked hearing our radio show being played live (cause it was awesome duh!). The web assignments, in my opinion, are the most interesting ones we have had so far in the class and I especially enjoyed the google draw something one which I will admit I wasted way too much time on. Either way it was another great week in ds106!


Connected Creates

How it all began

Google Draw Something

Web Page Remix

Best of DS106

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