Weekly Summary

So I had huge issues with my computer this week, basically the battery is completely shot, so that caused a big backup in my progress for the large majority of my classes and I ended up falling behind. I was  not able to complete all of the assignments this week but i figured it would be better to do some of the assignments than to do none of them. Hopefully I can get my computer fixed before next weeks assignments are due.

Now in terms of the assignments I had fun with them but these have definitely been the most challenging for me thus far. I am not good at video making or editing so its certainly a challenge. I liked the interview assignment and I tried to pick all of the questions that I thought were the most interesting. In terms of the video assignment bank I found a really cool assignment for a morse code video that I put my own twist on and I think it actually came out pretty good. Heres to hoping next week goes smoother than this one!



Morse Code Video Assignment

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